“I saw two sparkling eyes that were dangerously far away from one another”

- Filmmaker Davíd Attila Molnár upon seeing the golden eyes of a wild Jaguar.

I Saw Two Sparkling Eyes , concept drawing

I Saw Two Sparkling Eyes, concept drawing

Viviendo Con Felinos is a joint project between Northern Jaguar Project, Naturalia, and Sonoran ranchers. Sahuaripa is the closest town to the Northern Jaguar Reserve, which protects the northernmost breeding population of jaguars in the world.  Sahuaripa is also home to many of the ranchers participating in the Viviendo Con Felinos program. Every year, these ranchers and their families celebrate their non-lethal coexistence with jaguars and other wildlife of Northern Mexico. For the 2018 celebration, Strohacker creates a small deliverable necklace, placing two yellow single unit retroreflectors 89mm apart to mimic spacing and reflective golden eyeshine of the jaguar.“I Saw Two Sparkling Eyes” is both a festival gift for the young people of Sahuaripa and a conceptual nighttime encounter with the top carnivore of the regional ecosystem.

I Saw Two Sparkling Eyes is made possible by Viviendo Con Felinos, Conciencia y Educación Ambiental, Northern Jaguar Project, and the citizens of Sahuaripa, Sonora, Mexico.