The Call of the Wild Mural is a traveling collaborative Public Art Installation advocating for wolves and the Endangered Species Act. The Call of the Wild Mural is an ongoing collaboration between Lauren Strohacker and I Am Wolf Nation.


Lauren Strohacker, an eco-political artist of site responsive work, designed blank larger-than-life individual wolf silhouettes that can be configured to form a large flexible “mural.” Artists and attendees arrived eager to transform the brilliant white silhouettes into colorful messages. They painted, drew, wrote their own words, and quoted poets and naturalists showing their support for wolves, wildlife, and the Endangered Species Act (ESA). During 2019 these “wolves” and more will travel the country growing in number as they travel. Betsy explained, “The idea is to give people a way to express themselves, to use their voices through art in a way that will be ‘heard’ throughout the country. As the mural travels, the number of wolves that create a piece will increase, so much so that we hope to conclude the journey with a display in our Nation’s capital of hundreds of these wolves. The overwhelming majority are in support of saving our wildlife, preserving public lands and protecting the ESA. Imagine the message this will send to our legislators. Now is the time for our government to acknowledge what its constituents want.”

“Call of the Wild” Brings Together Art, Animals, & Advocacy
by Amy Polo


To become part of I AM WOLF NATION and be kept aware of important issues as well as the mural’s travel schedule, sign up with I Am Wolf Nation. To donate and sponsor a wolf silhouette please visit Plan B For Wolves Foundation.